Uncommon Poems Common People

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Terry (T.D. Kruser)

Softcover and Kindle available through Dorrance bookstore, Amazon, online thru most major booksellers. Reviews always welcome on sites.

4/4 Stars review. OnlineBookClub.org, see blog page for review details

Uncommon Poems Common People is a compilation of poems written over the past 40 years. It combines the traditional poetic elements of turn of phrase and open and multiple interpretations while at the same time being written in a way that most people will find easier to understand. What makes the book interesting is that it reflects the common emotions we feel and experiences we go through. It conveys both meaning and a sense of purpose. What makes it unique is that it offers to the reader the possibility that a path can be found, that life is not hopeless, and that with growth and guidance, it is possible to find a sense of self-peace in life. It is intended to be enriching, inspiring, and to instill within the reader a renewed sense of hope and purpose in life.

Author contact: uncommonpoemscommonpeople@aol.com

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