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Traditional religion also expresses the relationship between humankind and God in the terms of a harsh disciplinarian parent and a wayward child, which discourages intimacy. Christ based religion is pretty much a 180 degree opposite of that and is one that encourages a much more healthy sense of relationship.

We are not alone thinking or feeling we may not belong; this is very common. It’s not a real problem unless it becomes a fixed or unchanging state of mind.

Trying something new…. to see if I can add a video of my poetry reading…. hopes it works out… ahh, needs to premium plan so another $50 or so. Will need to think this one over

(book excerpt)… It is through these by which others will recall us. How fondly we may be remembered; the reflections of our souls thus measured.

How well we succeed in doing these things, they mirror and define our paths. It is by these that we chart our destinies; it is we who compose our own epitaphs.

Glad to be at peace within…. hope you’re having a great day, all!

Part of the essential nature of love is being able to put aside our own wants, beliefs, or desires as to what we think will contribute to the true happiness and well-being of another in favor of that which actually matters most to them.

Still learning how to use the system…. for now as far as availability (will expand in time): being early in the process: softcover copies now available through my publisher’s website: Dorrance publishing and most recently, Kindle on Amazon.

Greetings, all. As you can all see, still slowing learning about how to work my website. It’s a slow process. Intended mostly for my book and to let my readers know how it’s going. Once everything is in place, my blog will mostly be used as to any thoughts for the day and excerpts from my previous and current books. The intended goal is to encourage everyone to come to a better place of self-peace in their lives. Now that I’ve mostly found mine, I’ll try to use my life experience to encourage and strengthen others. That’s all for now…. in all things, Peace.

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62 years old, white male, with Hispanic spouse Rio. We've been together for 21 years.

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