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Official Review: Uncommon Poems Common People Report Post by gabrielletiemi ยป 23 Jan 2021, 15:04[Following is an official review of “Uncommon Poems Common People” by T.D. Kruser (Terry Kruser).] 4 out of 4 stars (see below for detailed review) Poetry can express feelings we don’t completely understand, but it can be hard to interpret poems when they haveContinue reading “Review 4/4 stars”

Notes for the noting: Uncommon-Common Blog Posts

Traditional religion also expresses the relationship between humankind and God in the terms of a harsh disciplinarian parent and a wayward child, which discourages intimacy. Christ based religion is pretty much a 180 degree opposite of that and is one that encourages a much more healthy sense of relationship. We are not alone thinking orContinue reading “Notes for the noting: Uncommon-Common Blog Posts”