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Official Review: Uncommon Poems Common People

Post by gabrielletiemi ยป 23 Jan 2021, 15:04[Following is an official review of “Uncommon Poems Common People” by T.D. Kruser (Terry Kruser).]
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4 out of 4 stars (see below for detailed review)

Poetry can express feelings we don’t completely understand, but it can be hard to interpret poems when they have various complicated and unusual words. However, I didn’t have that problem when I read this book since the author uses simple sentences that we usually hear in daily conversations. Still, he maintained the rhythm and the meaning of the verses. Furthermore, the accessible speeches combined with well-known thoughts about feelings make this book easy and fast to read.

Uncommon Poems Common People by T.D. Kruser (Terry Kruser) is a poetry book that brings the author’s perspective and experiences about the themes of love, friendship, sorrow, loneliness, separation, and other thoughts that most of us think about at some point in life. It has six parts named “The Edge,” “For the Heart,” “From the Heart,” “Life Echoes,” “More Reflections on The Edge,” and “The Rest.”

In the beginning, I thought the simple sentences and common structures could produce cliches. Fortunately, I found out I was wrong. Kruser uses brilliant metaphors that the reader can interpret in various manners and verses with inspiring principles that create this unique poetry book. For example, my favorite poem was “Fulfillment,” which encourages the reader to love and be kind.

My favorite part of this book was the author’s unique writing style. It might be affected by the fact that this book brings poems from the author’s youth. However, it wasn’t a problem, in my opinion, since the progress culminates in the author’s mature and full-blown writing with a more thoughtful and less impulsive style. It was marvelous to see the author’s writing style changing according to his life period. He also uses repetitions, rhymes, alliterations, and various other resources to express himself.

I didn’t dislike anything in this book. I found only a single typing error that didn’t affect my reading, so it seems professionally edited, and I’m not going to lower my rating.

Therefore, I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It’s a thoughtful poetry book that portrays the author’s reflections and his maturation as a writer. I recommend it to those people who enjoy short poems about feelings. I also recommend it to readers who usually consider the poetic language too complicated since this volume might change their minds. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend it to those people who don’t like introspective books since the author approaches various themes with his reflections and experiences.

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Traditional religion also expresses the relationship between humankind and God in the terms of a harsh disciplinarian parent and a wayward child, which discourages intimacy. Christ based religion is pretty much a 180 degree opposite of that and is one that encourages a much more healthy sense of relationship.

We are not alone thinking or feeling we may not belong; this is very common. It’s not a real problem unless it becomes a fixed or unchanging state of mind.

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(book excerpt)… It is through these by which others will recall us. How fondly we may be remembered; the reflections of our souls thus measured.

How well we succeed in doing these things, they mirror and define our paths. It is by these that we chart our destinies; it is we who compose our own epitaphs.

Glad to be at peace within…. hope you’re having a great day, all!

Part of the essential nature of love is being able to put aside our own wants, beliefs, or desires as to what we think will contribute to the true happiness and well-being of another in favor of that which actually matters most to them.

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